Bourbon No.22 Toothpicks

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  • Whisky is measured in years, not days or weeks. It’s this dedication to time and tradition that makes Kentucky Bourbon sit well on these fabulous toothpicks. 
  • Because they are made with straight - barrel aged - Bourbon whiskey, our No.22s are subtle at first, building complexity when warmed in the mouth. So take your time and give the boozy phenols a chance to speak - you'll like what they have to say:
    “Ordered these for my brother for Christmas. He loves bourbon and is impossible to buy for, so this will be a great surprise. Thanks!”
  • Painstaking to capture in a sliver of wood, our Select blends are made with barrel-aged spirits, in a process unique to Daneson, that flashes the alcohol and leaves the essence of a spirit - botanicals, extracts, and phenols - deep in the birch.
  • Each bottle contains at least a dozen toothpicks.
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