Classic Swiss Army Knife Translucent

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This versatile 7 function multi-tool is ready for any adventure. This Swiss Army pocket knife is constructed with stainless steel and encased in polished ABS scales that provide ultimate durability in a sleek finish. Fits comfortably in your pocket purse or as an easy-access addition to keys. No need to leave this knife behind due to lack of space - its the sidekick you can take anywhere. Made in Switzerland. Victorinox provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Making a lifetime commitment has never been so easy.  From city slickers to masters of the agrarian sciences, everyone who carries the celebrated VICTORINOX Swiss Army Knife finds a multitude of uses for it! The Classic is the perfect pocket-size model! Don't leave home without yours!



  1. small blade
  2. scissors
  3. nail file
  4. nail cleaner
  1. key ring
  2. toothpick
  3. tweezers


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