Cement Dual Chamber Salt Cellar Divided Compartments With Lid and Spoon

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Keep a pinch of salt at your fingertips! Whether you're boiling water for pasta, baking bread or desserts, grilling meats, or whipping up sauces and soups, salt is a must. Keep your seasoned salts and spices fresh and at easy-reach in the kitchen with our Cement Dual Chamber Salt Cellar. The sturdy cement construction naturally pulls moisture out of the salt, helping to keep it dry, flowing freely and prevent clumping. This salt keeper is designed with a divider, giving you two separate storage sections, so you can house two of your favorite ingredients in one cellar. Included with the cellar is a lid to protect contents inside and a convenient stainless steel serving spoon, which rests and stores nicely right in the salt box. Stylish vessel, accessible storage.

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