BruMate Era 30 Oz. Tumbler with Straw - Hot Pink

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BruMate Era 30oz Tumbler


The BruMate Era 30oz Tumbler is more than just an average drink holder. Its substantial 30oz capacity ensures that you can carry a generous amount of your preferred beverage, translating to fewer refills and additional convenience. With a weight of just 1.4 lbs., the tumbler is easy to carry around, an advantage for those on-the-go. Measuring at 9.8" in height with a straw and 5.4" in width with a handle, it's designed to sustain larger quantities without compromising on manageability. Plus, its minimum width of 3" makes it cup holder friendly, a benefit for road trips, camping, or any outdoor adventure. Enhance your drinking experience on the go with the practical and versatile BruMate Era 30oz Tumbler from Blanton-Caldwell.


  • Min Width: 3" (cup holder friendly)
  • Capacity: 30oz
  • Empty Weight: 1.4 lbs. (0.63kg)
  • Max Height: 9.8" (with straw)
  • Max Width: 5.4" (with handle)


  • Era Tumblers are 100% leakproof with cold beverages and carbonated beverages with ice when in the locked position. Not recommended to be used in the locked position with hot beverages.
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